NLC Wants Your Thoughts On Strategic Planning Goals

Press Release
Press Release

NLC recognizes that the social and political environment is changing and if NLC is to be relevant and effective, it must change with the times. NLC is using a research informed planning process that will develop a three-year strategic plan that:

• Takes advantage of NLC assets;
• Builds a strong brand;
• Aligns services and benefits to the overall mission;
• Promotes organizational stability,; and
• Grows the membership.

The plan is being developed by a task force made up of NLC members and state league directors and will be unveiled at the Congress of Cities and Exposition this fall in Seattle. It is now time for you to provide the task force with your thoughts on the goals that has been identified so far.

On NLC's website, there is a short summary description of the research informing the work along with explanations of the five draft goals:

• Proactively drive federal policy on behalf of cities.
• Solve problems for cities and bring them valuable resources.
• Raise the profile of municipal government as instrumental to the quality of life in communities.
• Model respectful dialogue, inclusiveness and cooperation to achieve results on behalf of cities.
• Help city leaders build their leadership capacity.

Please let the strategic planning task force know if they are headed in the right direction and share your ideas on key strategies by using NLC's online feedback tool.

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