NLC Ushers in New Era of News Delivery

Final Print Edition of Nation's Cities Weekly Published Today 

by Amy Elsbree 

Today marks the final publication of NLC's print newspaper, Nation's Cities Weekly. NLC will shift to providing round-the-clock news and commentary via a suite of Web-based tools. This 24/7 coverage will be complemented by a printed publication offered monthly or bimonthly that provides commentary and analysis, resources for cities, and organizational news.  

NLC is making the changes to its print and electronic publications as part of its efforts to ensure timely delivery of news and information, while providing the greatest flexibility for members to customize how they receive communications from NLC. 

Nation's Cities Weekly readers will continue to receive the weekly email from NLC with a round-up of top news stories and a list of upcoming events. Readers can supplement the weekly email with more frequent updates as they desire through the NLC website, the NLC blog at,Twitter feeds from NLC and NLC staff, and NLC's Facebook page. 

"Today, we all want to control how and when we get our news," said NLC Executive Director, Donald J. Borut. "NLC is providing our members that flexibility. We look forward to getting feedback as we introduce new products and services so we can be sure we are providing the options that work for our members." 

NLC's will upgrade its website in early July with a fresh look and more flexible layout on the homepage. A new content management system will allow for continuous publication of news and closer linkages to social media. Site visitors can use RSS feeds to receive notifications to stay on top of new stories and resources posted to the site., NLC's blog, provides commentary written by NLC staff and occasionally guest bloggers. The posts demonstrate the issues facing cities, show best practices and promote innovation. To follow NLC's blog, users can scroll to the bottom and enter their email address to receive email notifications of new posts. 

NLC tweets frequently from @leagueofcities on a range of issues and events that affect cities. To follow NLC on Twitter, users should go through the very simple steps of creating a Twitter account, going to NLC's Twitter feed, and signing up to follow it. Many NLC staff also tweet on issues relevant to cities and city officials are encouraged to follow the staff involved in issues of top concern. 

NLC's also has as Facebook account where visitors can follow along with NLC's activities, keep up with recent commentaries, learn about upcoming events, webinars and publications, and offer comments and connect with other city officials. 

NLC will continue to offer e-newsletters tailored to specific member interests. Current selections include monthly news from NLC's Institute for Youth, Education and Families and NLC's Center for Research and Innovation, the biweekly Federal Relations update, and a variety of issue-specific newsletters. 

NLC members are able to control their access to NLC publications via myNLC at, the recently launched online portal. On myNLC, members can sign up to receive e-newsletters that match with their interests or opt out of others. They will also be able to choose to receive the future print publication or view it solely online. 

NLC intends to continue offering a job posting service for cities but will shift the service to an online system that provides greater flexibility for users and greater access to potential job seekers. 

Details: For questions or if you have trouble accessing NLC services online, please contact NLC Member Services at (877) 827-2385 or

NLC is seeking member feedback as new services and publications are designed and developed. To provide input to NLC, members are encouraged to complete the short survey available at