NLC University Launches First-Ever Online Course in Partnership with Wells Fargo

NLC University will launch the first online learning course in its history at the 2014 Congress of Cities in Austin, Texas. In partnership with Wells Fargo, NLC University is offering this free, advanced training course to provide city leaders with strategies to successfully address foreclosure in their cities.

In Understanding Foreclosure: A City Leaders Guide, elected and appointed officials will learn how to build strategies and partnerships that utilize city resources and capital to effectively manage and cope with foreclosures.

The foreclosure course is an expansion of NLC University’s in-person training seminars, designed to provide city leaders with a greater depth and intensity of learning opportunities. Not only will members gain a better understanding of how foreclosure affects their cities, but they will also become more familiar with mortgage basics and learn from regional approaches that have been successful in combating foreclosure.

Wells Fargo and NLC University developed this course with NLC members in mind, focusing on relevant issues that elected and appointed officials face daily in their cities. Valuable feedback from NLC University’s own Leadership Fellows was used to improve the structure and information incorporated into this learning opportunity.

At the 2014 Congress of Cities, members will be able to register for this free online course, and will be entered into a raffle for a chance to win one of the following:

  • A free conference registration to the 2015 Leadership Summit
  • A networking meal with NLC’s Executive Director, Clarence Anthony
  • Other great giveaways

More information regarding course registration will be provided during the official launch at the Congress of Cities. Make sure to stop by the NLC Information desk for further details.

Please direct all questions and inquiries to