NLC Procurement Card Program Brings Efficiencies and Savings to the City Payment Process

Press Release
Press Release

As cities look for new ways to cut costs and streamline government operations, a new payment solution offered by NLC, the NLC Procurement Card Program (P-Card), brings both cost savings and efficiencies to city purchasing. 

The NLC P-Card Program is an alternative, cost-free and easy-to-use payments solution that will create new efficiencies for cities purchasing from any supplier that accepts Master Card. The program is administered for NLC by PFM Financial Services, LLC (PFM).

The NLC P-card substantially reduces administrative costs by:

  • streamlining the purchase order process
  • reducing check writing
  • eliminating petty cash
  • reducing manual data entry

In addition, cities using the NLC P-Card are eligible for cash rebates on total purchases if the annual "spend" equals or exceeds $50,000. The greater the dollar volume, the greater the rebate percentage; there are no exclusions for high dollar transactions. The $50,000 threshold is much less than other similar programs, making the NLC program particularly suited for cities with smaller budgets.

The NLC program also offers customized online reporting with multi-level access with up to 80 standard reports with varying levels of transaction data and merchant details. Other benefits include fraud protection and misuse insurance as well as the ability to issue cards to city staff that imposes limitations on the use of the card that can be set by the program administrator in the city.

There is no cost to the city to participate in the NLC P-Card Program.  In addition, training and assistance is provided to seamlessly implement the program into existing payment systems to help maximize the value of the program.  

To provide additional information about the NLC P-Card Program, NLC will be conducting a webinar on Wednesday, October 10, 2012, from 2:00 P.M. - 3:00 P.M. (EDT).  Elected officials, city managers, finance directors and purchasing officials are encouraged to attend.  The webinar will feature presentations by representatives of PFM and a city using the NLC P-Card.

Details:  To register for the webinar, visit NLC Procurement Card Program Webinar.  For more information on the NLC Procurement Card Program, visit NLC Procurement Card Program or contact Marc Shapiro,

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