NLC President Discusses Gun Violence with VP Biden Today

Press Release
Press Release

Washington, DC - The following statement is from Marie Lopez Rogers, President of the National League of Cities, Mayor,Avondale, AZ, in response to today's Vice President's call with Mayors from across the country regarding guns. The call came in the wake of the National Rifle Association's(NRA) press conference today discussing the Newtown, CT shooting:

"All cities across America are appalled by what took place a week ago in Newtown. American cities have had to face the aftermath and consequences of this nation's weak gun control policies and now the nation is finally focused on seeking some solutions. We must have a real conversation that discusses all of the root causes and all aspects of the issue.

"On a call today, Vice President Biden indicated the Administration wants a comprehensive and rational approach to reducing gun violence in our nation. The Vice President resolved to engage all stakeholders on this issue in the weeks to come. NLC supports that effort and has a clear policy that is consistent with the Administration's goals.

"NLC is concerned that the recent statements by the National Rifle Association could turn a constructive and reasonable conversation into a theater of the absurd that distracts from the issues at hands and turns the discussion into a sideshow. NLC is committed to ensuring that the dialogue remains constructive and focused on the need to reduce gun violence in the nation."

To read NLC's National Municipal Policy on Public Safety, please click here.

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