NLC Offers Savings and Solutions for Your City

The National League of Cities can help you save your city money and help your residents. NLC partners with carefully selected organizations to offer products, service and solutions that cities and towns of all sizes can use today. NLC's business partner programs help meet your city's critical needs and stretch your city budget.

NLC Prescription Discount Card Program

The NLC Prescription Discount Card is a program for NLC member cities that brings savings and solutions directly to residents. With a city-sponsored prescription discount card, residents who are without health insurance or have prescriptions not covered by insurance save an average of 23% off the cost of their prescriptions. 

Since the program began in 2009, residents in 548 participating cities across the country, from Morgan's Point, TX (pop: 347) to Chicago, IL (pop: 2+ million), have saved more than $14 million on the cost of prescriptions. There is no cost to the city to offer the program to residents. Participating cities are provided with customized discount cards with the city name and logo as well as sample press releases and a sample web page to promote the program and raise awareness among residents.

NLC Service Line Warranty Program

More than 200 cities participate in the NLC Service Line Warranty Program, an affordable home protection solution that helps residents save money on the cost of repairing broken or leaking water or sewer lines. The program gives residents who have not set aside money to pay for an unexpected, expensive utility line repair the opportunity to obtain a warranty that will provide repairs for a low monthly fee, with no deductibles or service fees. The work is performed professionally and quickly, typically within 24 hours. The program provides a personally staffed 24/7 repair hotline for residents, 365 days a year.

There is no cost to your city to participate in the program, and the city can earn revenue. The City of Atlanta, for example, provides emergency financial assistance to ratepayers with funds from the program.

U.S. Communities Government Purchasing Alliance

Cities and towns can save time and money through the U.S. Communities Government Purchasing Alliance, NLC's national non-profit purchasing cooperative.  U.S. Communities delivers cost savings for products and services, and reduces the administrative costs associated with procurement by enabling cities to make purchases through existing, competitively solicited contracts between a supplier and a lead public agency.

In the first sixth months of 2014, city and county agencies, education institutions and nonprofits utilized U.S. Communities contracts to procure nearly $1 billion in products and services.  Products range from every day office supplies, hardware and technology products to public safety equipment, roofing supplies, temporary staffing, food services and much more.  U.S. Communities is the only national purchasing cooperative sponsored by NLC and 29 state municipal leagues.

Build America Mutual

Build America Mutual is NLC's preferred provider of municipal bond insurance. Cities and towns that utilize bond insurance save taxpayer money by obtaining lower interest rates on municipal debt financing, and they make investment more attractive by protecting bondholders from potential loss.

NLC partnered with Build America Mutual in the aftermath of the financial crisis to help cities access credit and provide the benefits, including dividends, of a mutual insurance company dedicated to serving local governments. Since inception in 2012, Build America Mutual has insured $10 billion in municipal debt for transportation, water and wastewater, schools and other infrastructure.

NLC Community Showcase Video Program

The NLC Community Showcase Video Program is a service for cities and towns that provides unique video programming to enhance your web site at no cost. The NLC Community Showcase Video Program works  with your city directly to add a variety of video features to the website that will showcase your city to visitors, communicate with residents and help attract and retain businesses. To see the program in action, watch the video tour for the City of Brookings, SD.

The Public Finance Authority

The Public Finance Authority, of which NLC is a national sponsor, is a tax-exempt bond issuing authority that was created by local governments, for local governments, to increase and streamline economic development projects. The Public Finance Authority simplifies the issuance of private activity bonds, which are tax-exempt bonds issued by cities that make lower-cost financing available to the private sector for projects that provide public benefit, contribute to social and economic growth, and improve the overall quality of life in communities throughout the country.

The National Citizen Survey

How do your residents rate the quality of life in your city? More than 350 local governments have used The National Citizen SurveyTM to find out.  The National Citizen Survey is a low-cost citizen survey that helps cities determine what residents think about the quality and breadth of local government services, providing city officials with public input from a statistically valid segment of the community and serving as a tool for effective performance management. NLC offers The National Citizen Survey in partnership with the International City/County Management Association and the National Research Center.  

Upcoming Webinar Announcement!

Join us on Thursday, October 30, 2014 to learn more about NLC programs that bring savings and solutions to cities. The webinar will highlight Build America Mutual, NLC Prescription Discount Card Program, NLC Service Line Warranty Program and U.S. Communities Government Purchasing Alliance.  The webinar is free but registration is required.

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