NLC Launches New Member E-Newsletter: The Weekly

Press Release
Press Release

Today, NLC is introducing a new members-only weekly e-newsletter with news, updates and resources for cities called The Weekly.

Evolving from the recently retired Nation's Cities Weekly publication, the e-newsletter is the latest step in NLC's transition to a new set of print and electronic publications that will ensure timely delivery of news and information while providing the greatest flexibility for members to customize how they receive communications from NLC.

In addition to providing a round-up of the top stories of the week, The Weekly will offer links to commentary from NLC's blog, and other authors, will highlight NLC members and will provide a listing of upcoming events.

The city job postings that have traditionally been a part of Nation's Cities Weekly are now being offered through an online job board called the NLC Career Center. City employers are encouraged to visit the Career Center to post job openings. Job seekers are encouraged to create a profile, post a resume, and review job listings.

The Weekly joins a suite of communications tools NLC is using to keep members updated on NLC activities and news that matters for cities, including the recently upgraded website at; the NLC blog,; Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Members can also sign up to receive specialized e-newsletters that match with their interests or opt out of others.

NLC members will be able to control their access to NLC electronic publications via myNLC, the recently launched online portal.

Details: The Weekly is intended to be sent to every elected official and staff person within an NLC member city. If there are individuals within your city that are not receiving it, they are encouraged to visit myNLC to build a profile including their preferred email address. For questions, please contact NLC Member Services at 877-827-2385 or

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