NLC Launches #CitiesLead2016 for the Presidential Election

Colbert Kean Iowa
Colbert Kean Iowa

This week, NLC launched its campaign to make city issues a focus in the 2016 presidential election, #CitiesLead2016. Lead by NLC First Vice President Melodee Colbert Kean, council member, Joplin, Mo., city leaders gathered in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, at the center of early presidential campaigning, to announce NLC's plans and issue a call to action for presidential candidates.

"Today we launch Cities Lead 2016: our call to presidential candidates to address the issues that matter to cities," said First Vice President Colbert Kean, council member, Joplin, Mo. "Candidates from both parties must recognize that city issues are America's issues."

At the core of #CitiesLead2016 is its issue platform for America's cities. NLC has asked presidential candidates to focus on the three issues highlighted as most important to city leaders in this year's State of the Cities study: the economy, investment in infrastructure, and public safety.

Over the next 13 months of campaigning, city leaders will have many opportunities to meet and speak with presidential candidates from both parties as they travel the nation. NLC hopes to use those conversations to focus candidates on the issues that matter most to the 80 percent of American voters living in cities and towns.

To get involved and lend your support to the campaign, read our campaign platform online and sign on as a supporter. Together, we can make a difference for America in 2016!

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