NLC Capstone Partners Share Unique Perspectives on the Future of Cities

NLC Capstone Partners recently had the opportunity to address NLC’s Board of Directors, providing their organizational vision for the "Future of the City." Their presentations provided thought provoking content by industry innovators such as Google, Esri, Wells Fargo, Socrata, Comcast, ICMA-RC and ICSC.

The ignite style presentations touched on many of the themes currently at play in cities today: technology’s role in improving service delivery, fiscal challenges and opportunities, climate resilience and the rise of e-commerce. The presentations also addressed the emerging issues and opportunities facing cities, such as the open data revolution, employee benefit structures and even driverless cars.

  • Socrata – Socrata’s presentation “Modern, Data Driven Governance” explained the role of open data in governance and citizen engagement.
  • Wells Fargo – Wells Fargo’s presentations “Transformational Leadership and Collaboration” described the historic roots of the company, and how they continue to evolve and lead.
  • Comcast – Comcast’s presentation “Broadband Technology and the Role of Cities” speaks to the company’s vision for the future of broadband and a connected community.
  • ICMA-RC – ICMA-RC’s presentation “Auto Features in Public Sector Retirement Savings Plans” spoke about the role of behavioral economics plays in employee savings plans, and how using auto-features cities can better prepare their workforce for retirement.
  • International Council of Shopping Centers – ICSC’s presentation “The Future of Retail Real Estate” spoke to the impact e-commerce has had upon brick and mortar retail, and how retailers are adapting.
  • Esri – Esri’s presentation on “GIS Mapping and Data” outlined how GIS mapping can revolutionize local government decision making across all departments.
  • Google – Google’s presentation on “Driving Into the City of the Future” showcases a not-to-distant future where driverless cars are a part of our daily lives.

This visioning session served as a precursor to the “Future of the City” themed 2014 Congress of Cities Conference and Exposition (COC) being held November 19-22, 2014 in Austin, TX. A complete slide deck of the presentations is available here.