NLC and State Municipal Leagues Call for Transportation Funding

As the stalemate over the future of the federal transportation program continues in the House and Senate, in a letter to Capitol Hill, NLC's Executive Director and the Executive Directors of all 49 state municipal leagues continued the push for federal transportation funding.

Speaking on behalf of the 19,000 cities and towns across the county, the group urged Congress to take action on a long term reauthorization of surface transportation programs before the current program expires on September 30. Citing local governments' role as majority owners and operators of surface transportation programs, the group also called for a greater say over how federal transportation dollars are invested in local communities. Read the letter here, and write your own letter to Congress taking advantage of NLC's transportation advocacy toolkit.

Adding to the sense of urgency for getting a new program in place is the U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary's warning that, without congressional action, the federal highway trust fund will be insolvent as early as August and DOT will be forced to reduce payments to states and transit agencies. By the Congressional Budget Office's estimate, the HTF will need an additional $6.6 billion and the Mass Transit Account will need another $1.5 billion in order to meet anticipated obligations through December 31, 2014.