NLC and IBM Partner to Promote Technology Solutions for City Human Service Systems

Press Release
Press Release

Opportunities for Free Technology and Consulting to be Featured in Nov. 8 Webinar and Nov. 28 Congress of Cities Session

IBM Smarter Cities has announced a new Municipal Data Integration Partnership with NLC that will help cities build smarter human service systems beginning in November 2012.

The world is not just getting smaller and flatter.  It is also becoming more interconnected and intelligent.  City leaders are finding new ways to interact dynamically with residents and collaborate across departments.  By helping governments around the world with some of their most challenging issues, IBM has developed expertise and leading-edge technology that can support integrated data strategies for core social programs, including health, human and youth services, juvenile justice, back-to-work initiatives and others.

Through a new Early Adopters Program, IBM – an NLC Corporate Partner – will provide software, consultation and direct technical assistance to help several NLC member cities improve their human and social service systems.  Interested city leaders can learn more by listening to a recently recorded hour-long webinar or by sending an email to Kristina Powell at IBM at  Live demonstrations of IBM’s Smarter Social Programs platform and consultation with IBM experts about participation in the Early Adopters Program will also be available at the upcoming Congress of Cities in Boston.

In addition, NLC’s Institute for Youth, Education and Families invites city officials who are attending the conference to join a meeting of its Municipal Data Sharing Peer Network during the afternoon on Wednesday, November 28.  This peer network includes city leaders who are exploring promising new strategies that leverage data to drive smarter policy, evaluate and improve the performance of their programs, and support educators and social workers serving youth and families.

Details: For more information about the network or leading examples of municipal data sharing initiatives, contact Chris Kingsley at or (202) 626-3160.  To view the presentation slides from the Nov. 8 webinar, click here.

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