NFPA Seeks Comments on Community Risk Reduction Project

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is seeking comments on a proposal to develop a standard or guide for community risk reduction (CRR) for the fire service.

Community risk reduction is defined as measures taken by a community to reduce the impact of risk.  Examples of these measures are public education programs, enforcing fire codes and passing laws pertaining to fire safety.  Emphasis is placed on preventing incidents and reducing their impact once they occur in addition to responding to emergencies. 

The proposed project’s objective is to bring together stakeholders and subject matter experts and create a how-to document that is consensus-based.  Currently there are varying approaches to CRR.  Interest in CRR is growing because it has been used successfully in other countries to significantly reduce fire and life losses. 

NLC supports the development of a guidebook and other educational materials that can assist cities in developing CRR plans and better managing risk.  NLC feels that this approach will be more effective than the promulgation of a new NFPA standard.  

NLC also recommends that NFPA consider developing other educational materials including a new website or an expansion of its Firewise Communities website ( to provide content and facilitate best practice sharing.

A description of the proposed CRR project is available on NFPA’s website.  Public comments are due on June 23, 2014 and should be sent to

If you would like to see NLC’s draft comments, please contact Rasheeda Mitchell at 202-626-3173 or email her at