Membership Spotlight: Tennell Atkins, Mayor Pro Tem, Dallas, TX

Who I’m following on Twitter – I follow CNN, The White House, NBC-LEO, The Vatican, Bishop T.D Jakes, The Reverend Todd Atkins (Dallas, TX), and the Dallas Cowboys

My three goals for 2014

  1. Focus on improving public safety not only in my district, but for all of Dallas.
  2. Expanding economic development opportunities here in Dallas, especially in my district - I have one of the largest districts with plenty of room to grow! Also, by advancing the work recommended from the Mayor’s Task Force on Poverty we will be able to tackle this issue that affects not only Dallas, but many other cities.
  3. Improving Transportation- Dallas is a city of cars, but we have great options for transportation including over 100 miles of hiking and biking trails, and the largest light rail mass transit system in the country!

If I weren’t doing this I’d be – A full time grandfather. I love my grandchildren and spend as much time with them as I can.

The best advice I ever got was – To pursue public office; being a public servant has been one the best experiences of my life.

On my desk right now – I’m currently reading “Instinct - The Power to Unleash Your Unborn Drive” by T.D. Jakes

What you should know about my city – In Dallas, we think big! We have the country’s largest contiguous arts district, the largest light rail transit system, the 3rd busiest airport in the world, and we’re the 9th largest city in the country. We enjoy a great life in Dallas - from our over 21,000 parkland acres, world renowned food, and 5 professional sports teams in the area, we know how to have a great time in Dallas! Come down for a visit, we’ll show you why big things happen here!

What does the future of cities look like – The future of cities looks great! Cities are growing and are being innovative in how they handle this growth. Cities are learning how to serve their residents on their own. With less action from the federal and state government, cities are adapting to become the leaders their residents expect. From public safety to transportation to quality of life initiatives, cities are on the forefront of serving the public.

Why cities should join the National League of Cities – Cities should join NLC because of the great opportunities it presents. The City of Dallas has benefitted tremendously from NLC. NLC is the voice of cities in Washington, DC. While we’re at City Hall governing, NLC is the “boots on the ground” for us in DC, protecting our interests. NLC has also assisted the city by sharing best practices. Thanks to NLC, we are able to collaborate with different cities on issues that face our communities and we can find solutions together. I strongly encourage all cities to join NLC.