Membership Spotlight: Darryl Moss, Mayor, Creedmoor, N.C.

Press Release
Press Release

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My three goals for 2014

  1. Finalize the $15 million sale of Creedmoor’s utility system to the regional Water and Sewer Authority.
  2. Continue to grow our economy.
  3. Keep the peace in our community.

If I weren’t doing this I’d be –  Playing way more golf!

The best advice I ever got was – “Regardless of how clear cut a decision appears to be, you are going to make 50% of the people happy and the other 50% mad.  So you make the best decision that you can.”  Lynwood Kornegay, former Creedmoor City Commissioner

On my desk right now – Due Diligence for the $15 million sale of Creedmoor’s utility system to our regional water and sewer authority.  This is a game changer for Creedmoor.

What you should know about my city –  Creedmoor is a northern gateway to the Research Triangle Park Region!  We are poised to take advantage of where we sit on the ground as it relates to population growth and economic development. 

What the future of cities looks like –  I think very bright.  It is a fact that cities are the economic engines of our states.

Why cities should join the National League of Cities - You learn that your city is not unique.  We all are struggling with the same issues – education, public safety, economic development, jobs, transportation, the environment, etc. The value of NLC is that it creates mindshare around ways to address our individual and collective challenges.

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