Local Officials to Focus on Education Reform at Congressional City Conference

NLC members will call on Congress to act quickly to reauthorize the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) at the Congressional City Conference in Washington. At a session on Tuesday, March 12, Mayor Christopher Coleman of St. Paul, MN, will lead a discussion about the importance of high quality education systems to local public safety and economic growth, and emphasize the need for federal action.

While few city officials are directly responsible for public schools, a growing number are taking important leadership roles - in partnership with local superintendents and teachers unions - to strengthen the educational pipeline. City and school officials look to the federal government to show similar leadership to ensure that schools are responding to the needs and expectations of a 21st century labor market.

During the mini-plenary, member cities will gain a better understanding of the federal legislative landscape regarding ESEA reauthorization, and examine the impact of the Department of Education's decision to offer states and localities waivers from the requirements of No Child Left Behind (NCLB). In addition, a panel of city officials will showcase how municipal leadership on education is leading to a better quality of life and more vibrant local economy.

While every education solution may ultimately be local, city officials have much to offer and much to gain by engaging in federal education reform. This session will provide participating municipal officials insights into both federal and local opportunities to improve schools, after-school programs, and higher education programs within their communities.

Details: To learn more about the education mini-plenary, please contact Neil Bomberg at bomberg@nlc.org. For additional details and registration information for the 2013 Congressional City Conference click here.