Leadership in the Information Age: It’s Still All about People

Press Release
Press Release

Malcom Chapman of the Chapman Group will present, “Public Leadership in the Information Age,” at the Congressional City Conference on Sunday, March 9, 2014 in Washington D.C.

When my teenage son contacted me via text message immediately after an emergency last year, I was extremely grateful for the technology that made communication possible in that critical moment.

While technology provided the means for communication, the text message happened because we have a trusting father and son relationship. The tool was very important, but it was not the only factor in this equation; this is true both in our personal lives and at work. Technology will only help us if we develop and maintain strong relationships with people.

The fundamentals of the Information Age are the same as in any other age—it is all about people. Public Leadership in the Information Age, to be held at the 2014 Congressional City Conference, will identify simple, effective leadership tools that you can use when incorporating evolving technologies in the public and private workplace. 

This interactive session will explore methods that can be used immediately (and as technologies continue to emerge) to achieve greater efficiency and improved collaboration. This session will help you identify technology tools that work for you, implement them in the workplace, effectively use technology alongside existing tools and make a small shift in thinking to see the familiar in a new way.

Whether it is a weekly Skype meeting with colleagues or constituents, a YouTube video or social media interactions, this session will not only explore the nuts and bolts of using technology, but will also demonstrate how to “keep it about people.”

Join Malcom Chapman at the Congressional City Conference to learn more about how to integrate technology tools while also maintaining a focus on relationships between the people using them.

About the aurthor: Malcom is a lifetime Optimist member, a Chicago Cubs and White Sox fan, a former Marine Officer, and a former City Councilman. He draws from wide-ranging experience in public and private sectors to enrich his work. He founded the Chapman Group in 1996, which conducts strategic planning, leadership development, seminars, and keynote addresses based on models he’s designed: Harvesting the Company Mind and The Five Powers.

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