Join a NLC Policy and Advocacy Steering Committee

Care about the impact of federal environmental regulations on your city?  Transportation and water infrastructure?  Affordable housing?  Tax reform and municipal bonds?  Broadband and net neutrality?  Emergency management and cybersecurity?  Immigration and education reform?  Want to make a difference at the national level for your community?  If your answer is yes, then NLC’s Policy and Advocacy Steering Committees (Steering Committees) need you!  Please click here to learn more about the Steering Committees.

NLC’s Steering Committees play an important role not only in advocating on federal policy issues important to cities and towns across America but also in taking the lead in shaping NLC’s federal policy positions, which serves as the foundation for NLC’s advocacy. 

Under the leadership of Chair and two Vice Chairs, the seven Steering Committees meet three – four times a year to consider policy positions for the organization and to learn about emerging best practices in communities.  As members, you also would have a key role to play throughout the year as an advocate for NLC on issues that matter the most to cities before Congress and the federal agencies. 

NLC is now accepting applications for appointment to the 2015 Policy Steering Committees by the incoming NLC President Mayor Ralph Becker. Applications are due no later than Monday, November 24, 2014.  The first meeting of the Committees will be during NLC’s Congressional City Conference, which will be held on March 7-11, 2015, in Washington, D.C.

There is much work to be done in Washington, and NLC is seeking your knowledge, time and talents to help us achieve our goal to help city leaders build better communities.  If you want to make a difference for your community in Washington, click here to obtain key information about the applications process for the Steering Committees and other leadership and membership appointments. 

For a complete list of NLC Committees and Councils and information about the applications process, please visit the Committees and Councils page on our website. For more information, please contact Avery Peters at