Issue Brief Looks at How Local Governments Can Improve Revenue Recovery

This is one in a series of The Weekly articles drawing on the resources and successes of NLC's Corporate Partners.

During these challenging economic times, local governments are often faced with budget shortfalls; however, improving the bottom line by raising taxes is politically difficult, and cutting spending is often not feasible. In a recent GOVERNING issue brief, "Improving Revenue Recovery", Pioneer Credit Recovery, Inc. (Pioneer), an NLC Corporate Partner, addresses how a professional collections partner can help government agencies balance their budgets and offer assistance in filling the gaps. The issue brief looks at the role of collections, and how a professional collections partner can help agencies generate needed revenue through a more effective receivables collection process of unpaid taxes, fees, fines, and service payments.

Also in the issue brief is information about Pioneer's successful work with the city of Philadelphia on a tax amnesty program. This program generated $72 million for the city, nearly three times the program's goal, of which $22 million went to the school district of Philadelphia.

"The collection agency was able to do a great job for the amnesty program because we developed a positive working relationship with them," says Keith J. Richardson, Revenue Commissioner for the city of Philadelphia. "We also analyzed our receivables so that we gave the agency accounts that had a high probability of being collectible."

To learn more about the benefits of utilizing a debt collection agency in recovering revenue in an efficient and timely process, visit Pioneer's NLC Corporate Partner Profile page to read the entire issue brief.

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