Important My Brother’s Keeper Community Challenge Deadlines Approaching

Press Release
Press Release

For those communities interested in or already signed up for the My Brother's Keeper Community Challenge initiative, two important deadlines are approaching. 

April 30: This is the last day for new communities to accept the MBK Challenge. In September 2014 the Administration issued a challenge to local governments and tribes to become "MBK Communities." Since the launch of the challenge, nearly 200 mayors, tribal leaders and county official across 43 states and the District of Columbia have accepted the MBK Community Challenge, in partnership with their more than 2,000 community-based allies. If your city has not signed up to accept the Challenge and wants to, you can do so at on or before April 30. A fact sheet is attached and additional information on the MBK Challenge is also available at that site. If you have any questions regarding the Challenge please send them to

May 11: If your city has accepted the MBK Challenge and has developed or is developing your plan of action, May 11 is the deadline for convening key partners to publicly launch a plan of action for accomplishing selected goals based off the results of your policy review. The plan should include a protocol for tracking data, benchmarks and timelines for review to ensure the transparent assessment of progress towards goals, and the open examination and retooling of ineffective strategies. It should also include a blueprint for resourcing your efforts which outlines plans to use or redirect existing resources, new public or private sector commitments, and specific areas where additional commitments, investment, or partnership could help your community reach its MBK goals and help potential new partners target their involvement. Again, information is available at and questions should be directed to

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