Former City Leaders Have Strong Showing in New Congress

Press Release
Press Release

The freshman class of senators and representatives sworn in on January 6, 2015, bring with them to Washington a diverse set of experiences and perspectives. In addition to making the 114th Congress the most demographically diverse Congress in our nation's history, over a quarter of the freshman class of this Congress have previous experience in city government. Twenty one representatives and two senators (Sens. Gary Peters and Thom Tillis) previously served as council members, commissioners, selectmen, and mayors.

Public service at the local level is a unique experience city leaders share with many members of Congress. As a city advocate, don't let the newest members of Congress forget their time spent balancing municipal budgets while working to improve the quality of life in their cities. As you get to know and work with the new members, remind them that taking action to ensure the needs of cities and the 80% of Americans who live in them are met will help the country achieve its goals.

Click on the interactive map below to learn more about the newest residents of Capitol Hill. Zoom in to view smaller congressional districts, or hover over a state or congressional district to find out information about each new senator or representative, his or her prior city government experience, and access their official congressional websites.

If you have a new member of Congress and have not yet met him or her, use these tips to get started on building a strong working relationship. Better yet, join NLC in Washington for the Congressional City Conference March 7-11, and get to know members of Congress and their staff in person.


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