City Leaders Champion Marketplace Fairness

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Last week, as Americans kicked of the multi-billion dollar online holiday shopping season, city leaders came to Washington, D.C. to
call for swift passage of marketplace fairness legislation. NLC President Ralph Becker, Mayor, Salt Lake City, and 2nd Vice President Matt Zone, Councilman, Cleveland, joined a group of state and local government leaders, retailers and members of Congress in the U.S. Capitol to speak about the importance of marketplace fairness to local businesses.

"For decades, local businesses on our Main Streets have been at a competitive disadvantage against remote sellers,” said Mayor Becker. “It's long overdue that we correct this and provide an equal opportunity for our local brick and mortar businesses to compete with online stores.”

Mayor Becker went on to credit the U.S. Senate for its work in successfully passing a bipartisan marketplace fairness bill and called on the House to complete the work. “This bill shows that support for this issue exists on both sides of the aisle,” said Becker.

NLC and its allies have been hard at work lobbying Congress to pass a marketplace fairness bill by the end of the year. In November, NLC and a coalition of state and local government organizations sent a letter to congressional leaders calling on Congress to combine the Marketplace Fairness Act with a temporary extension of the Internet Freedom Act and pass the measure this year. NLC and State Leagues have also raised the profile of cities’ concerns about marketplace fairness in the media:

Don’t let another holiday shopping season pass with unfair competition. Send your message to your representative and tell Congress: stop stalling and pass marketplace fairness legislation now.