Better Governance through Cloud-based Collaboration

Press Release
Press Release

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Government executives are challenged to achieve efficiencies and streamline operations while running complex, multi-faceted organizations — all in an environment of conflicting political agendas, cumbersome policies and intense competition for dwindling shares of the appropriations budget. This shines a light on the need to focus on management solutions that enable service innovations, cut costs while delivering stellar citizen services.
— Huffington Post, Rethinking the “Business” of Government, May 28, 2013

The nearly 90,000 local governments in the United States are asked to run complex organizations and provide fundamental services. Roads, water, education and public safety are just a few of the services that touch our lives on a daily basis; however, most governments don’t have access to the technology or tools to adequately perform their duties.

Much of the software used by government is outdated, cumbersome, and incapable of engaging constituents. Instead of wrestling with issues of public policy, many administrators are fighting their software systems and spending valuable time just to retrieve the data they need to govern.

Transforming this raw data into accessible, understandable, and actionable information – achieving Open Government – is how municipalities can empower themselves and create new interest from the community. New cloud-based solutions are finally providing the power and flexibility governments need, and at a fraction of the cost of traditional software deployments.

Join NLC and OpenGov’s webinar on October 9th for a discussion with leading government officials on how you can improve business intelligence, transparency and collaboration within your government.

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