Army Corps Accepting Water Resources Project Proposals

Press Release
Press Release

Under the Water Resources Reform and Development Act (WRRDA), which became law in June, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Army Corps) is accepting proposals from local governments for feasibility studies and modifications to authorized water resources development projects. The request is open until December 3, 2014.

WRRDA authorized flood protection, navigation and ecosystem restoration projects to help upgrade the nation’s aging infrastructure. A key WRRDA provision allows local project sponsors to submit proposals to Army Corps, which in turn will submit a list to Congress for authorization.

Under that provision, Section 7001, Army Corps is soliciting proposals from local and regional stakeholders for water resources studies or project modifications to be conducted in partnership with the Agency. Section 7001 provides an excellent opportunity for local governments to shape the future of Army Corps by identifying beneficial and necessary water resources projects to be developed through federal/non-federal cost sharing.

Does your municipality have a problem with frequent flooding?  Does the port that supports your local and regional economy need improvements?  Would the quality of life in your community be improved by restoring an urban stream or watershed?  Is your growing economy dependent on additional water supply?  The key missions of Army Corps support the development of water resources projects to tackle these types of issues. 

Through the Section 7001 solicitation, local governments can help Army Corps and Congress identify where scarce federal resources can be invested to address our nation’s water resources priorities. 

Once proposals are collected, Army Corps will publish an Annual Report to Congress listing the proposed projects. The Annual Report is intended to be the sole list of water resources projects to be considered for authorization in future legislation.

The official notice of the request for proposals can be found in the Federal Register at