21st Annual Leadership Summit Coming to Savannah, Georgia

Press Release
Press Release

The Annual Leadership Summit was developed by the Leadership Training Institute (LTI) at the National League of Cities as an interactive leadership retreat designed specifically for local government officials. Over the years, the Summit has featured presentations by noteworthy leadership scholars and has provided many opportunities for engaged learning and networking with leaders from across the nation. One of the primary missions of the Summit program is to provide a limited group size in order to foster a more personalized experience and to encourage an actively involved audience. A smaller, more intimate group environment enables the trainers to focus more effectively on the needs of the communities that the participants represent. The aim of the program is to cover leadership skills and topics that are valuable to local leaders on every level. Each city that hosts the Annual Leadership Summit has the opportunity to use the program as a platform to discuss issues that are of particular importance to their community.

The Leadership Training Institute created a scholarship to attend the Annual Leadership Summit in remembrance of one of their former members, Michael Lynch, who died in a shooting at a city council meeting in Kirkwood, Missouri, in 2008. The Michael H.T. Lynch Memorial Scholarship awards the recipient a stipend in the amount of $2,500 to cover travel expenses and your registration fee. Michael H.T. Lynch exemplified the leadership skills that the Annual Leadership Summit attempts to cultivate in its participants: a devotion to public service, and pursuing continuing education in order to improve their leadership skills and better serve their community.

The 21st Annual Leadership Summit will be held in Savannah, Georgia on September 26-28th, 2013. It should be noted that Savannah is home to five Diamond Level certificate holders. The Diamond: Leadership Regent Certificate Level is currently the premier award level offered through the National League of Cities' Certificate of Achievement in Leadership Program. This award level has been reached by Mayor Edna Branch Jackson, Mayor Pro Tem Van Johnson, II, Chairman of Council Tony Thomas, Alderman Mary L. Osborne, and former Alderman Clifton Jones.

This year the theme of the program is "Leading to Yes: Focusing on Strengths and Finding Common Ground." Leadership scholars and field experts will explore ways to effectively find common ground and resolve conflict within personal, community, and statewide relationships. Additionally, the National League of Cities has collaborated with Mayor Jackson and the city of Savannah to bring participants an exciting taste of the host city, including two special evening receptions and local area tours. Learn to assess your own communication style and to relate effectively to others all while enjoying the historical city of Savannah.

For more information about the Michael H.T. Lynch Memorial Scholarship or the 21st Annual Leadership Summit, please visit the event page or contact Laura Lanford at (202) 626-3187 or Lanford@nlc.org.

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