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  • Megan Greig
May 3, 2024 - (3 min read)

When city leaders and their teams return to their day-to-day work after participating in the Cities of Opportunity initiative, they do so with a clear roadmap for advancing health equity in their cities, towns, or villages. If you’re interested in hearing the stories of these roadmaps and understanding how to begin building your own, join us at the 2024 Cities of Opportunity Solutions Forum.  

This year’s Solutions Forum promises to bring city leaders together to uplift the crucial work NLC members are doing through the Cities of Opportunity initiative. We are excited to lift these stories and dig deep into eliminating disparities and improving health and equity for all.  

Here’s what 2024 Solutions Forum attendees can expect when joining us this year: 

Equity-Focused Leadership Strategies 

The Cities of Opportunity Solutions Forum was developed to spotlight the perspectives and experiences of municipal leaders across sectors as they work toward their shared goals. This year’s event features several panel discussions with elected officials and departmental leadership, allowing them to share their approaches to advancing health and racial equity. These conversations will examine the importance of mayoral leadership, capacity building among city staff, and flexibility in the face of unforeseen challenges.  

Creative Approaches to Partnership 

Cities cannot achieve their goals in a vacuum—strong partnership with community members and local entities is an essential part of the Cities of Opportunity initiative. At the 2024 Solutions Form, through Cities of Opportunity, cities and their partners have come together to leverage shared strengths and resources to advance common goals. Through collaborative action, cities can approach problems from all angles, opening up the possibility for progress and change and creating a new vision for the future. 

Early Access to Tools for Accessible Communication 

Cross-sector alignment is a critical element in improving health and racial equity through city government. Achieving alignment relies, in no small part, on clear and accurate communication. At this year’s Solutions Forum, we will be unveiling our Plain Talk series of communication tools: simple, actionable tips for getting to the heart of what we mean when we say “social determinants of health,” “systems change,” or “well-being” in everyday language, accessible for all. Plain Talk will be a crucial resource in bridging the language gap between city departments and establishing a shared mission throughout your leadership. 

Peer Learning and Networking Opportunities 

The 2024 Solutions Forum promises to be a hub of passionate experts and practitioners working to support health and racial equity in cities, towns, and villages across the United States. Attendees will have the chance to connect over shared values and ideas throughout the Forum, strengthening their network and resources for this work. 

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The Cities of Opportunity Solutions Forum brings together city leaders and their partners to celebrate their transformative progress, share tools, and highlight the sustainable changes they are making to systems that impact health and racial disparities in their cities. Their work uplifts city-level approaches that center health and well-being to address structural racism and inspires participants to embrace their role as health leaders. In doing so, they demonstrate to peer city leaders that change is possible and happening, and future efforts can be informed by best practices.

About the Author

Megan Greig

About the Author

Megan Greig is the Senior Program Specialist, Health & Well-Being, The Center Leadership, Education, Advancement & Development at the National League of Cities.