Unlocking the Power of Data at the Healthy Housing Symposium

March 29, 2024 - (3 min read)

By Brandon Boccher

Are you a municipal leader looking to use healthy housing data to enhance service delivery and promote health equity within your community? Do you want to explore existing platforms to understand how your municipality can leverage data-driven solutions to implement healthy housing solutions effectively? If so, mark your calendar for the upcoming Healthy Housing Data Symposium, a virtual event that promises invaluable insights, networking opportunities, and actionable strategies to strengthen your approach to healthy housing initiatives.

On April 16th, municipal leaders, subject matter experts, and data & technology providers will convene to share their experiences developing healthy housing data systems. The National League of Cities (NLC) in partnership with the National Center for Healthy Housing, will be hosting the Healthy Housing Data Symposium, aimed at enhancing healthy housing service delivery at the municipal level.

Why Attend the Healthy Housing Data Symposium?

NLC represents municipalities of all sizes, from rural communities and growing suburbs to large cities. We recognize that every city has unique challenges, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The symposium offers a platform to glean strategic insights from municipal leaders who have successfully navigated the complexities of implementing healthy housing programs. Discover proven methodologies, innovative approaches, and best practices that can be tailored to suit your community’s unique needs and challenges.

Engage in dynamic table discussions and interactive workshops designed to foster collaborative learning. Participate in group discussions to exchange ideas, troubleshoot challenges, and explore emerging trends in healthy housing data management and utilization. There are plenty of opportunities to engage with fellow attendees and speakers.

Attendees will have the opportunity to network and make connections with fellow municipal leaders, industry experts, and technology providers during networking sessions and interactive breaks. Explore potential partnerships and learn from a diverse network of professionals committed to incorporating data-based solutions in healthy housing initiatives.

Hear firsthand from leading data and technology providers at the forefront of developing innovative solutions tailored to addressing housing hazards. Discover data systems designed to streamline remediation and inspection processes, integrate cross-departmental data seamlessly, and improve accessibility to key metrics through intuitive dashboards.

Following the Data Symposium, cities, towns, and villages will be invited to participate in a Request for Proposals for a 15-month Healthy Housing Innovation Cohort. Up to 8 municipalities will be selected to collaborate with the NLC Healthy Housing team and partners to streamline and enhance existing systems or to ideate and prototype new ones. Utilize the connections and learnings you make at the event to continue developing your work in your community.

Register Today

The Healthy Housing Data Symposium encourages attending municipalities to equip themselves with the tools, insights, and connections needed to spearhead meaningful change in their community’s approach to healthy housing initiatives. Register today by clicking on the button on the right and learn about existing solutions and innovations to improve local service delivery for healthy housing programs and to help NLC better understand the challenges your community is facing. 

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