Supporting Renewable Energy Through FirstEnergy’s WV Solar Program

August 22, 2023 - (2 min read)

Mon Power and Potomac Edison, subsidiaries of FirstEnergy, have signed an agreement with the town of Harpers Ferry that will help expand clean energy access across West Virginia. Harpers Ferry committed to a solar subscription equal to 100 percent of its streetlight and town hall electricity usage in support of the companies’ solar power generation.

The solar subscription is part of FirstEnergy’s West Virginia Solar Program, which allows customers to buy solar credits and invest in solar energy without having to install a rooftop system.

This commitment brings Mon Power and Potomac Edison closer to beginning construction on five proposed solar facilities. The companies received conditional approval from the West Virginia Public Service Commission (PSC) for the projects, which collectively total 50 megawatts (MW) of renewable generation across five solar sites, meaning hundreds of homes could be powered through this project.

Mon Power will build, own, and operate the five solar facilities, which are located on property owned by Mon Power or its affiliates.

“Support of this solar initiative is good governance, and municipal, county and state government entities should lead by example,” said Harpers Ferry Mayor Gregory Vaughn. “We must look beyond the present and how we have always functioned to strategically think and plan for how we meet, manage and fulfill future energy requirements. Harpers Ferry’s decision to support the solar initiative was unanimous, receiving my overwhelming support as well as that from all members of the Town Council.”

The companies are awaiting final PSC approval to complete construction on three of the five planned sites, which have commitments equaling at least 85 percent of the energy that will be produced there.

The companies’ solar program supports a 2020 bill passed by the West Virginia Legislature that authorizes electric companies to own and operate up to 200 megawatts of solar renewable generation facilities to help meet the state’s electricity needs. The addition of new solar generation also encourages economic development in West Virginia, as a growing number of companies require that a portion of the electricity they purchase be generated by renewable sources.

About the Author:

Hannah Catlett is a Spokesperson and Advanced Communications Representative for FirstEnergy.

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