The Benefits of Conferences for Youth

August 15, 2023 - (2 min read)

By Rachel Charles

First, let’s discuss what we mean when talking about a conference. While we traditionally think of formal business meetings with individuals in suits sitting at a strangely oval table, conferences have expanded into becoming conventions for people of a specified field. It is a chance to interact with leaders and experts, network for greater opportunities, learn about new projects, or even present your own endeavors. 

You are limited in those opportunities when attempting to network with people in your field due to your location. Conferences across a regional, national, or even an international stage can greatly expand your list of colleagues you can rely on. In fact, the idol for your specific field could be presenting a panel. This gives you plenty of opportunity to make a “dream come true” ally. 

In the technology age, social and leadership skills are especially valued in a minimal-contact world.  Taking charge and working on those skills in your expert or interest area is an incredible way to cultivate that. Presentations and debates that challenge the current structure are essential for inspiring innovation. 

Beyond these benefits, conferences are an exciting and fun time! While this traveling is not a vacation in the slightest, exciting prospects in a new environment often bring out a youthful and joyful energy. Social functions are just as important, allowing leisure conversations and surprising entertainment. Networking can go beyond work, becoming friendship and allyship. 

But don’t just take our word for it, sign up for a youth-led conference today! 

About the author:
Rachel Charles is a current high school senior. As parliamentarian for the Miramar Youth Advisory Council in Florida, she works alongside the YEF Council on NLC’s youth initiatives.

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