Federal Funding Sources for Municipal Sustainability and Climate Action


  • Kelly Aves
  • Peyton Siler Jones
April 13, 2023 - (2 min read)

For cities looking to comprehensively address resilience and sustainability at the local level, there is an array of federal funding sources available for a wide variety of eligible uses. These funds, ranging from annual allocations to competitive grants, give municipalities the financial opportunity to add a climate and resiliency lens to all municipal operations and projects. For an introduction to the basics of major federal grants, check out this fact sheet. For an in-depth list of all infrastructure funding opportunities in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, visit NLC’s Infrastructure Insights Dashboard.

Identify Potential Federal Funding Sources for Your City, Town or Village

This tool was developed to help local leaders identify federal funding sources that meet the range of needs cities have when seeking to address sustainability at the local level. Regardless of the source or specifications, information about many of the most significant federal funding streams available to local governments for addressing climate and sustainability has been compiled in the tool below.

The Federal Funding Sources for Municipal Sustainability Tool offers a searchable list of federal grant programs designated for infrastructure and programs to address climate change mitigation, resiliency, waste reduction, air quality, ecosystem restoration and other sustainability efforts.

Users can search, filter and sort by federal department, eligible uses, and more to learn about the available funding opportunities and to find the grants most relevant to their community.

About the Authors

Kelly Aves

About the Authors

Kelly Aves is a Senior Program Specialist on Sustainability at the National League of Cities.     

Peyton Siler Jones

Peyton Siler Jones is the Program Director of Sustainability at the National League of Cities.