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August 30, 2022 - (3 min read)

Picture where you live. Now think of where you would like to see improvements made…What matters most, and what does progress in action look like to you? Community-oriented videos bring what your city’s residents are focused on to the forefront of the conversation. And your local mayoral candidates are listening. 

According to a recent study in the State of the Cities 2022, your major priorities likely fall under these categories:

Political Platform Priorities This Year According To The State of the Cities Address


Are you concerned with the state of infrastructure in your community? You’re not alone; many Americans are, and lawmakers on all sides are making significant strides. With the passing of the BIL (Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill) in 2021, communities have more access to funds than ever.. 

Whether potholes in the road or bridges that require repair, your elected officials are paving a path forward — and utilizing video to showcase the progress of their climb. Take Medley, FL,  an industrial town outside the Miami area. When the community signed on to CGI Digital’s Community Showcase Video Project, they were focused on emphasizing their infrastructure accomplishments.

“Recent capital improvement projects are highlighted by road construction along Northwest 87th Avenue and a new bridge over the Miami Canal.”

Which infrastructure project should your city prioritize? 

Economic Development

How can a community thrive when there are empty storefronts, abandoned buildings, and a shortage of workers? Developing new opportunities for businesses obviously leads to a more robust economic environment. But often, many people outside your town’s limits (or even within them) aren’t aware of the possibilities out there. 

“Towne Centre at Laurel offers mixed use, high density developments that include theaters, restaurants, shops, and residential units.”

Like in Laurel, MD  (a city between Washington DC and Baltimore), leaders have discovered that video is a valuable way to connect and communicate with community members and draw new, exciting industries to their main streets.

Public Safety

When communities protect their populations with equitable public safety efforts, they shine. After a national movement was sparked surrounding racism and criminal justice reform, cities have put strengthening police-community relationships at the core of their approach to public service.

“Today the Village maintains a police force composed of 37 full-time officers whose efforts have produced one of the lowest crime rates in Proviso Township. Along with doing their jobs, Broadview’s officers take an active interest in the community they serve…” 

The Village of Broadview, IL, found that the power of video resonated with residents, enabling people to feel a renewed sense of respect and representation where they live. 

Climb, Thrive, & Shine

Capturing your community with video content does more than inform and engage; it displays your values and how your city is advancing. Reach out to CGI Digital to showcase how your community is climbing, thriving, and shining. 

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