Fulfilling the Promise for Young Children and Families 


  • Nancy Zuech Lim
  • Jammie Albert
March 23, 2022 - (2 min read)

Children are the future of communities and local leaders are well-positioned to champion their needs.  The National League of Cities’ Early Childhood Municipal Fellowship is aiding municipal leaders’ ability to serve as catalysts and changemakers for young children and families. Building transformational local leaders is key to our future and this fellowship is helping to pave the way.  It is befitting that the first-ever fellowship for the Institute for Youth, Education, and Families is for Early Childhood Municipal Leaders – because for a city to thrive, it needs to work for those that live there starting with the youngest, beginning at birth and throughout our lives.  

The fellowship journey began during a time of uncertainty in the world. When cities across the nation had to pivot their priorities from day-to-day. We are grateful that in the midst of that the fellows chose to commit to this experience.  For 18-months, Fellows participated in leadership development and peer learning programming.  Diving deep into municipal policy fundamentals to improve their knowledge and skills to navigate the political landscape, leverage regulations, and work across multiple government agencies.  Supporting the design and alignment of policies and practices to improve outcomes turn their ideas into action.   

As the nation works to recover and rebuild, NLC is pleased to have this network of fellows that will continue to be catalysts of change for young children and families inside and outside of government. With the work of these fellows, we are moving closer to achieving the vision of a nation where all cities, towns and villages are places where children reach their full potential and where families feel supported and can live safe, healthy lives. 

Learn more about NLC’s Early Childhood Municipal Fellowship by viewing this video: 

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About the Authors

Nancy Zuech Lim

About the Authors

Nancy Zuech Lim is the Program Manager for Early Childhood Success in the Institute for Youth, Education, and Families at NLC.

Jammie Albert

Jammie Albert is a Program Director for Early Childhood Success at the National League of Cities