Leading Together and the Importance of Local Leadership in the Presidential Election

It has been nearly one year since NLC unveiled the Leading Together 2020 Cities Agenda, our agenda for a strong, safe and fair nation. Created by a bipartisan task force of local elected leaders, Leading Together calls on the next Administration to deliver common-sense solutions for the economy, promote public safety, and invest in 21st-century infrastructure that will support a thriving America.   

However, since March, so much has changed in our nation. Local leaders have been at the forefront of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as leading local conversations around racial equity. As our nation’s cities, towns and villages prepare to lead the way into an economic recovery, the Leading Together agenda is as relevant as ever.  

America’s communities, rural and urban, large and small, look forward to working with a President that will work together with local leaders to:  

  •  Invest in the American workforce to ensure that all people have opportunities to thrive.  
  • Rebuild and reimagine our nation’s infrastructure systems to meet the needs of the 21st century. 
  • Promote comprehensive housing solutions to end housing instability and homelessness.  
  • Reduce gun violence and promote public safety by advancing common-sense solutions to protect our communities.  

As local leaders, we know that governing effectively is not just about what we do; it is also about how we get it done. We are ready and willing to roll up our sleeves and help the next Administration tackle these pillars in a comprehensive way. We want to work with the President to bring a spirit of partnership to American politics and governance. 

But, of course, none of the dynamic Leading Together agenda is possible without direct, flexible funding to local governments to help combat mounting expenses and declining tax revenues related to the pandemicAll of America’s cities, towns and villages deserve access to the funding they need to support and maintain municipal operations, keep workers on the job, expedite the reopening of America’s main streets and small businesses, and jumpstart the national economy.   

Tonight is the first presidential debate, and we cannot stress enough the importance of America’s communities in this electionJoin the conversation and engage with NLC’s channels (@leagueofcities) as we uplift positive messages of local-federal partnership and highlight the great work being done in America’s cities, towns and villagesThe raising of local voices, calling on the candidates to address the issues that matter most to our residents, will help America Lead Together and build a strong, safe and fair future for our nation. 

About the Author:

Joe_Buscaino_official.jpg Joe Buscaino, Los Angeles Council President Pro Tempore, currently serves as the president of the National League of Cities. Follow him on Twitter at @joebuscaino.