LA’s Innovative Steps to Fight COVID

August 5, 2020 - (2 min read)

From protecting the unsheltered to launching a pre-paid card to give Angelenos life-saving access to funds, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti moved quickly to ensure his administration could help those knocked down by the pandemic and most vulnerable to the economic and social impact of COVID.  

Los Angeles has been on a roller coaster against COVID-19.  

In June, the city saw a drop in its coronavirus infections. Yet, many of its residents were still out of work and facing mounting bills. The Los Angeles Council passed several ordinances to protect residents including eviction moratoriums and providing rental assistance. It also provided direct financial assistance to residents by launching the Angeleno card supported by a $10 million fundraising campaign. This was in addition to the COVID-19 Crisis Fund that the city launched to help families, small businesses, unhoused residents, and healthcare workers to provide critical needs for these groups such as meals, childcare, and even counseling.  

Mayor Garcetti explains some of these initiatives and how the city continues in its fight against COVID-19.  



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