Tyler Tech Partners in Support of Strong Cities

At Tyler Technologies, we’ve long believed that cities are essential. It is not even possible to envision life in America without cities and the local government agencies that keep them running. Right now, we are aware of the new and urgent challenges our cities face. From the recent need to pivot to remote operations, to uncertainties around revenue, workforce, and evolving community needs, cities must continue to deliver services but in new and different ways.

Local governments are truly inspiring in their ability to weather challenging circumstances with agility and innovation, time and again. In our current context, we’ve seen cities leverage and optimize their existing resources to better communicate with residents, quickly identify and proactively serve the most vulnerable, maintain public safety, and expand aid to those in need.

For more than five years in our unique partnership with the National League of Cities (NLC), we have watched and supported the organization’s commitment to strengthen local leadership, influence federal policy, and drive innovative solutions. NLC has helped cities across the nation move the needle on homelessness, the opioid crisis, access to justice, food scarcity, and other issues in ways that can be substantively scaled upward and outward. New priorities of public health and social justice issues are driving creative shifts in policy and resource allocation.

When we think about these existing and new challenges facing cities today, we recognize that technology alone is not the solution to most problems. Policy changes supported by the expertise of NLC are the solutions. That said, successful policies are nearly impossible to implement without enabling technology behind them.

It is this important synergy between policy and technology that has contributed to the valuable partnership between Tyler Technologies and NLC. As we move forward together in support of creating safer, stronger cities and more vibrant, connected communities, we are encouraged by new opportunities to better serve city employees, elected officials, businesses, residents, and other stakeholders. The accelerated adoption of virtual solutions, increased attention to cybersecurity, and moving to the cloud are distinct areas of opportunity ahead. So, too, is a deliberate approach to building modern government technology stacks that will provide lasting yet flexible digital infrastructures.

Blending technology, governance, policy, and leadership is a recipe for success for our cities — in the short term and well into the future. We are honored to be the Title Sponsor of the 2020 NLC City Summit to continue to reinforce, encourage, and support NLC’s work on behalf of America’s cities, towns, and villages.


About the Author:

Samantha Crosby, Chief Marketing Officer, Tyler Technologies

Samantha_Tyler_TechSamantha has been with Tyler Technologies since 2008 and serves as Chief Marketing Officer. She has full oversight of the company’s marketing strategy and is responsible for leading a team of 100 professionals in branding, product marketing, digital marketing, content marketing, event marketing, and strategic communications. Samantha has played an instrumental role in Tyler’s growth over the past 10 years, since launching the company’s brand in 2009.

Prior to Tyler, she held senior management positions at companies including PepsiCo, Inc., The Feld Group, Dell, and Freescale Semiconductor. She holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Georgia.