NLC Joins 2020 Presidential Candidates in Las Vegas

February 14, 2020 - (2 min read)

Infrastructure investment is essential to moving America forward, but how are Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Senator Amy Klobuchar, Vice President Joe Biden and Tom Steyer going to work with cities to rebuild?

In the first-ever candidate forum on infrastructure, NLC will join United for Infrastructure on Sunday, February 16th at 2 PM PST, the University of Nevada Las Vegas to hear from these 2020 Presidential candidates on infrastructure. The candidates will take questions from Wall Street Journal moderators on issues ranging from transportation to water to the skilled workforce we’ll need to rebuild. Like so many voters, we want to hear how they will get the job done.

Watch Live

Cities across the country can tune in to watch the live broadcast on your C-SPAN channel or tune into the livestream at the official Forum website to watch The Wall Street Journal’s Washington Executive Editor, Jerry Seib, and Deputy Washington Bureau Chief, Jeanne Cummings pepper the candidates with questions about their infrastructure plans.

Ask Candidates to Commit to #LeadingTogether

Building Sustainable Infrastructure is a key pillar of the NLC Leading Together agenda that each candidate has an opportunity to sign onto. Whether you’re meeting with a candidate, tweeting online during the forum, or just deciding between candidates, ask them – Will you support the issues that matter most to cities as President and sign onto the #LeadingTogether agenda? We need their support to build up our infrastructure and workforce while we work together to end housing insecurity and gun violence. Tweet your support to any of the 2020 candidates here.

Step Up on Infrastructure

We must all step up to fund maintenance, repair, and construction to helping communities adopt new technologies, make transportation and water safer and ensure that America’s economy has the infrastructure it needs to keep humming. While cities and towns have been stepping up and making significant progress on their own, the next President and Congress must step up and lead on infrastructure and workforce. There is no substitute for leadership and vision from those who are asking for our vote this November.