How Niagara Falls Helped Residents Address Aging Infrastructure

December 5, 2019 - (2 min read)

By Bill Eller, vice president, business development at HomeServe.

Across the United States, cities, towns and villages are grappling with aging infrastructure and expensive repairs that their residents can’t afford. Reports indicate that most individuals can’t afford the cost to repair damage to their sewer or water lines to their homes – and most don’t even realize they are responsible for these pipes.

As municipalities struggle with this challenge, more than 600 cities across the country are turning to a low-cost option that protects their citizens and their property. Through the National League of Cities Service Line Warranty program, a locality can give their residents access to affordable home warranties.

When the perfect storm of a collapsed sewer line and a broken water line beneath a residential street sent water pouring into the Clark family’s home, HomeServe Cares Foundation was there to help through a partnership with the Niagara Falls Water Board. Water board employees knew that the city’s system is aging and complex and chose to partner with HomeServe to offer low-cost, optional emergency home repair plans to residents.

“For me, I think the $10 per month is well worth it, and I personally think I’d be looking to buy this insurance for my own house,” said Councilman Kenny Tompkins.

For more information on the NLC Service Line Warranty Program contact us.

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About the author: Bill Eller currently serves as Vice President, Business Development at HomeServe. He is responsible for working with municipalities to educate and develop the best program options for their residents.