Los Angeles: My City, and City to the World

August 19, 2019 - (2 min read)

This is a guest post by Greg McGrath, Southern California Regional President, Clear Channel Outdoor Americas

Los Angeles is my home. It’s a city that offers something for everyone. And it’s an abundance of diversity that is “home to the world.”

Our communities wear their culture on their sleeves and our streets tell our city’s storied history. Cruise down the Sunset Strip and you’re embraced by billboards where the faces of The Beatles, The Who, Pink Floyd and countless other Rock n’ Roll legends greeted and inspired residents and visitors. Take a walk-in downtown’s Grand Park and you’ll experience one of our newer open spaces in a district going through a revitalization. This area still nods to our past with sites like El Pueblo de Los Angeles, just blocks away.

The differences in our communities unites the vibrancy of our city and its residents. It’s also what implores us to collaborate on innovative paths forward that respect our rich history, celebrate our unique neighborhoods and pave the way for our future as a world class city.

We have tremendous opportunities to address for the needs of today, and of the future, preserving what has made L.A., uniquely L.A. Homelessness, affordable housing, infrastructure and many other issues, all staring us in the face and our solutions must be right for L.A.

The work between L.A. city officials and community leaders to address some of these life-changing issues is encouraging. One such example is the collaboration among these groups to develop a sign ordinance that will empower individual neighborhoods and provide needed funding to help address many important issues. This type of collaboration will ensure L.A. remains a world class city for generations to come.

These municipal and community partnerships make L.A. shine.

Our culture, and our continued spirit of public-private collaboration, will serve us well as we prepare for our near-term future, including hosting the 2028 Olympics. Our dedication to building a future where everyone belongs is what will ensure Los Angeles remains home to the world.

About the author: Greg McGrath is the Southern California Regional President for Clear Channel Outdoor Americas