How Miami Helps Residents Afford Quality Health Care

June 30, 2017 - (3 min read)

In 2016, the IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics reported that spending on prescription drugs in the United States rose 12% from 2015 rates. While the future of healthcare remains uncertain at the federal level, city leaders must continue to provide their residents with access to the resources they need.

Last week, the City of Miami, Florida, partnering with the National League of Cities, made it easier for their residents to pay for the prescriptions they need. Through the NLC Prescription Discount program, Miami joins 63 cities in Florida and over 600 cities across the United States who are dedicated to saving their residents money.

Since 2009, NLC has saved residents across the United States over $50 million on retail prescriptions. Cities currently participating in the program in Florida have saved their residents over $900,000 on retail prescriptions.

Here’s how it works: The NLC program, in partnership with CVS Caremark, is designed to help residents save money on prescriptions that are not covered by insurance. On average, residents can save up to 24% on their retail prescriptions—at no cost to the city. Prescription Discount cards are widely accepted at well-known pharmacies like Walgreens, CVS, Rite-Aid and some smaller, local pharmacies as well. They’re also available in both English and Spanish, and the participating cities don’t pay for printing costs.

In Miami, the NLC Prescription Discount Program will be housed under the Neighborhood Enhancement Teams (NET), with discount cards available at NET offices throughout Miami. NET provides a direct link to the city for residents to report requests for trash removal, street and sidewalk repairs and more, making it a great fit for the discount cards. Cards will also be available at City Hall.

Mayor Tomás Pedro Regalado, Miami, speaks to constituents alongside NLC leadership. (NLC)

In a press conference on Thursday, June 22, Mayor Tomás Pedro Regalado joined City Manager Daniel Alfonso and NLC CEO and Executive Director Clarence Anthony to announce the partnership.

“The National League of Cities works with cities across America to help city leaders solve challenges and improve life for their residents,” said Anthony. “That includes keeping our communities healthy through programs like the NLC Prescription Discount Program. Our new partnership is available to all of Miami’s 430,000 residents to help them afford the cost of prescription medications. It’s a great benefit for residents, and it comes at no cost to the city.”

If you’re interested in saving your residents money on retail prescriptions, please contact Rasheeda Senger, Senior Associate at the National League of Cities, by email at

Photo: Getty Images.