On Climate, Local Action Trumps National Rhetoric

This post was co-authored by Christiana McFarland and Trevor Langan. It originally appeared on Route 50. Read the full article here.

While President Trump sent a signal that the United States is unwilling to lead in the fight against climate change, it’s local governments that have committed to action.

By abandoning the historic Paris climate agreement, President Donald Trump sent a signal around the globe that the United States is unwilling to lead, or even partner, in addressing common environmental threats. Throughout the country, though, it is local governments that have committed to action on this important issue.

Cities of all sizes are responding to the effects of climate change, from regulating hazardous construction runoff to implementing clean energy sources like solar arrays on city facilities. While there is no question that President Trump’s move will impede efforts and weaken the resolve to curb global warming, the agreement itself is not action.

Read the full article on Route 50.

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