2015 Congressional City Conference Workshops Announced

Press Release
Press Release

Becoming a successful advocate for your city means two things: getting educated on the issues that affect your residents and making your voice heard on behalf of local government.

Today, the National League of Cities is pleased to announce this year's lineup of new workshops at the 2015 Congressional City Conference, which takes place March 7-11 in Washington, D.C.

In these workshops, you’ll get the latest news about federal laws that will impact cities in 2015. We'll present on topics ranging from new environmental regulations and the current state of immigration reform to ways you can answer the latest questions regarding healthcare and how you can better understand municipal bonds. The leading experts in each field will bring you up to speed on the most important issues and make sure you’re prepared to work through them this year.

Finally, we’ll train you in the art of advocacy with two workshops that focus on making the biggest impact with your advocacy efforts and advancing your advocacy skills to the next level.

Given the depth of information conveyed at this year's workshops, you’ll return to your hometown with a renewed sense of purpose and, more importantly, the preparation you need to make sure Congress remembers your local government in 2015 and beyond.