2013 Technology and Communications Questionnaire

Press Release
Press Release

The Center for Research and Innovation at the National League of Cities is working to better understand how technology and communications issues impact cities and how we can be a resource for members. As the demographics of cities are changing in ways that require faster information and quicker answers to problems, cities are in a position to take advantage of a variety of technological solutions that can enhance their economic development, environmental sustainability and community and social growth.

From technological upgrades that improve service delivery and the adoption of social media tools for stronger citizen engagement, to the development of telecommunications networks which can improve broadband access, technology solutions are the way forward to meeting constituent needs while improving government performance. 

We ask that you take a few minutes to respond to this brief questionnaire.  Your responses to this questionnaire will help inform the Center’s work in the coming year and engage a variety of stakeholders on these vital issues for cities.

Details: For more information about NLC’s work on technology and communications, please contact Julia Pulidindi at (202) 626-3176 or pulidindi@nlc.org.

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