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Connect City Hall to Capitol Hill this March

During the 2014 Congressional City Conference, there will be time available to visit your congressional delegation on Capitol Hill. This time offers a unique opportunity to discuss the issues most important to cities with federal legislators and their Washington, DC staff.

In order to make the most of the experience, you should request meetings with your legislators before you arrive in Washington.

Here are some resources to help you plan your visit and hold successful lobbying meetings.

Don't Forget to Follow Up

Your meeting on Capitol Hill is only the beginning of the advocacy process. After you return home, email the staff members you met to thank them for their time, reiterate NLC's position on the issues you discussed, and provide any further information the staff person may need.

Be sure to also email NLC with a brief description of your meeting (the legislator, included staff, the issue discussed, and any feedback on the legislator's position or next steps). This information will be used to assist NLC's lobbying and grassroots advocacy efforts.

During the Congressional City Conference, if you have questions or need information and assistance, be sure to stop by NLC's Advocacy Central booth to speak with a member of NLC's Federal Advocacy team. For assistance prior to the conference, please contact Angelina Panettieri, Senior Associate, Grassroots Advocacy.