2019 NLC-RISC Staff Conference

Oct. 14-16, 2019

Madison, Wisconsin


Monday, Oct. 14

New Staff Orientation

Workshop: What Makes Your Pool Great - Differentiating Your Pool from the Pack

Workshop: Data and Analytics: Organizational Sharing

Workshop: Healthcare Pools: Emerging Issues and Trends in the Health Sphere

Workshop: Data and Analytics: Best Practices and Governance

General Session: Servant Leadership in Pooling Organizations

Servant Leadership: A Key to Unlocking Your Pool's Potential

Claim and Emerging Exposure Trends in Public Entities

Cyber Risk, Threats, and Vulnerabilities Facing Pool and Municipal Healthcare Data

Financial Benchmarking for Property & Casualty - The 2019 Edition

Instructing the Public Employee: Trends in Motor Vehicle Accidents

What's the Emergency?  The 9-1-1 in Treatment of Injuries for First Responders


Tuesday, Oct. 15

Show and Share:

Confronting the Mountain of Rising Health Care Costs: Emerging Trends, Impact on Stop Loss, and What Your Pool Can Do About It

Working Session: Branding and Marketing Municipal Pooling: What is Our National Message?

General Session: Leadership in the Face of a Crisis: Lessons Learned from Sandy Hook

Quantify that Risk: Financial Risk Management Tools for Insurance Pools

PTSD and First-Responder Mental Health: Understanding the Psychology

ADA Compliance for Pool and City Websites: Digital Accessibility Guidelines, Your Responsibility, and How to Get There

First Responder Mental Health Policies and Initiatives: A Case Study from One Member Pool's Police Department

The Power of Data: Using Data and Analytics to Bring Real Value and Retain Members

How Cases are Analyzed - Whether to Settle or Litigate from a Trial Attorney's Perspective


Wednesday, Oct. 16

General Session: Rethinking the Role of Organizational and Employee Wellbeing

Achievable Wellbeing for Pools and Cities

"It'll Never Happen to Me": Avoiding and Managing Cyber Attacks on Municipalities

Developing an Effective Collaboration & Mediation Program: Taking a Fresh Look at Conflict Resolution for Local Government

The Virtual Care Transformation - It's More than Software

Leadership in Law Enforcement and Its Impact on Liability

Silent Cyber Coverage - The Cyber Exposure You Didn't Know You Had

Facilitated Discussion: Pool Efforts to Address PTSD Presumption