Legal Advocacy

Recognizing that the federal court system is responsible for much of the law affecting cities and their scope of authority, NLC established its Legal Advocacy Program to complement existing legislative outreach on behalf of its membership. Through the Program, NLC serves as a more effective and aggressive advocate for legal issues of national importance to local governments.

    The Legal Advocacy Program provides a vehicle for NLC to support cities and towns involved in significant litigation or administrative adjudication that could affect municipal organization, operation, powers, duties, or financing.  The goal of the Program is to present, or assist in presenting, sound and persuasive legal arguments to the courts through appropriate cases on principles and issues important to good municipal government, such as:

    • Local legislative discretion;
    • Protection of local public revenue authority; 
    • Opposition to federal unfunded mandates and preemption; and
    • Judicial deference to policy determinations by local governing bodies.