Working in partnership with 49 state municipal leagues, the Center for Federal Relations serves as both a resource and an advocate for the more than 19,000 cities, towns, and villages the organization represents. Advocacy efforts focus on advancing NLC's annual legislative agenda, monitoring regulatory action, and championing legal issues of national importance to local governments.

  • Federal Action Priorities

    With input from NLC’s membership, NLC’s leadership selected this federal agenda to guide NLC’s advocacy efforts on Capitol Hill and with the Administration. The agenda emphasizes the connected nature of federal action and local economic efforts and provides a framework to empower cities to address the challenges we face and move our nation forward.

  • Regulatory Advocacy

    Because federal rules and regulations often affect local government operations, budgets and development, NLC works to ensure that federal agencies consider the local government perspective when developing regulatory policy.

  • Legal Advocacy

    Recognizing that the federal court system is responsible for much of the law affecting cities and their scope of authority, NLC's Legal Advocacy Program is a complement to the organization's legislative outreach on behalf of cities. Through the Program, NLC serves as an advocate for local governments on legal issues of national importance and provides support to cities and towns involved in significant litigation or administrative adjudication that could affect municipal organization, operation, powers, duties, or financing.