Early Childhood Success

NLC is working with city leaders to build thriving communities by addressing issues of early childhood and aligning systems, so all children may reach their potential.

Why Early Childhood? 

  • Research shows that total brain size is 95 percent of maximum size by age 6.
  • Evidence of the achievement gap can be identified among children as young as 9 months.
  • Fewer than half of poor children are ready for school at age five, comared to 75 perecent of children from families with moderate and high income. 
  • More than 80 percent of Latino, Black, and American Indian children cannot read at grade level by fourth grade. 
  • For every $1 we invest in early education, we can expect to see an average of $10 return. 

Early Learning Nation

Teacher with young children

NLC’s City Leadership for Building an Early Learning Nation initiative helps communities strengthen or build early childhood education systems. Read more...

Early Childhood Workforce

NLC's Cities Supporting the Early Childhood Workforce initiative helps local leaders ensure that early childhood educators have the support and resources they need to provide a quality early learning experience so all children in their care thrive and reach their full potential. Read more...

Educational Alignment for Young Children

Parents reading to their baby.

NLC's Educational Alignment for Young Children initiative helps city leaders promote the early education and healthy development of children and increase the likelihood that they will achieve educational success by the end of third grade. Assistance is focused on educational alignment for children from birth to age eight. Read more...

Early Childhood Wellbeing 

The experiences in early childhood have a lasting impact on health and wellbeing. NLCI is partnering with five organizations on Networks of Opportunity for Child Wellbeing. Read more...