• Housing & Land Use

    Basic shelter is the essential foundation of any block or street. Local zoning and land use rules are the pivot points that influence where and what kinds of housing are available. In the best circumstances, a flexible land use vision provides a broad array of housing choices to serve a myriad individual and family housing needs.

  • Neighborhoods & Communities

    The uniqueness of a community is defined by the connections among neighbors, a commitment to shared public goods and factors such as livability – green spaces, public art, walkability, inclusiveness, and accessible services. Neighborhoods and families nurture the public virtues that connect people to a community and define their responsibilities within it.

  • Veterans' Housing

    As part of ongoing initiatives between NLC and The Home Depot Foundation, an NLC Corporate Partner, the two organizations are partnering to support housing programs for the nation’s military veterans. Through this endeavor, NLC provides local governments with resources, best practices, and learning opportunities to provide safe housing solutions to our nation’s veterans.