Workforce Development

A skilled, educated workforce is an essential component of a strong and growing local economy. NLC helps city leaders support workforce development by connecting economic development efforts with workforce development, working with the business community to identify talent needs, and convening stakeholders to align disparate activities toward a common goal.

    Workforce Development for Economic Competitiveness 
    City Leaders acknowledge that their cities' future economic competitiveness and long term success is directly tied to the quality and skills of its workforce.  this municipal action guide provides city leaders with strategies to stregthen their role in workforce development, including identifying stakeholders, building connections, and economic development.  

    State of America's Cities:  Special Section of Workforce Development
    The special section of the 2013 State of America's Cities focuses on city workforce development activities, explaining that cites are becoming more involved in workforce development.  However, there appears to be some potential governance and partnership challenges between the workforce investment boards and city governments.