The National League of Cities offers various products to assist members seeking guidance, assistance and research products that will offer solutions to challenges local elected officials face.

  • Shared Wisdom for City Leaders Project

    The Shared Wisdom for City Leaders project gathers the leadership stories, lessons and advice of seasoned current and former local elected officials from National League of Cities member cities. While this series was intended to help new or aspiring mayor and councilmembers prepare for the challenges they will face, it offers a valuable peer learning opportunity for all city leaders and a glimpse at the practical ideas, insights and support the city leaders can receive from their colleagues through their involvement in NLC.

  • Cities 101

    Cities 101 is a public resource developed by the National League of Cities to introduce and explain municipal government in the United States. There are many ways cities are created, and there exists considerable variation in their power and authority.

  • City Showcase

    The City Showcase is an annual exhibition of successful, creative programs from cities and towns across the country. Display booths at NLC's annual Congress of Cities and Exposition provide attendees the opportunity to network with their peers, and talk about the details of implementing a great city program.

  • Corporate Partner Resources

    NLC Corporate Partners have a wide range of resources to help communities. Below are links to tools, articles, websites, videos and other resources, categorized by topical area. These resources will be updated regularly, so check back to see the most current information.

  • Guides & Toolkits

    NLC's action guides, action kits, and city practice briefs provide city leaders with helpful information in a concise format to help them address various topics of concern to their communities. Each guide identifies a common local challenge, outlines strategies and a menu of action steps for cities to consider, and highlights effective city practices and other resources. NLC's toolkits offer more in-depth, step-by-step guidance to help local elected officials and senior municipal staff implement promising approaches to key local problems.

  • Research Reports

    Research Reports