Military Communities Council

Members of the Military Communities Council come from municipalities that host or are in close proximity to a military installation and face unique challenges due to this circumstance. Points of interest to the group include transportation and infrastructure concerns that come with having a base in town or nearby, strategies for collaborating with the local military leadership, ways and means to assist in the process of retention of missions and attract additional mission sets to supported installations, and ideas and programs designed to successfully integrate veterans, participants in the Department of Defense's Wounded Warrior Program, families of deployed service members of the Total Force, and troops into the fabric of the community.



    Council Member Tom Reardon

    Vice Chair

     Council Member Martha Sue Hall

    Vice Chair

    Commissioner Arturo Pecos

    Tom Reardon
    Council Member
    Sierra Vista, AZ

     Martha Sue Hall
    Council Member
    Albemarle, NC

    Arturo Pecos
    City Commissioner
    Kingsville, TX